5 Instagram tips which you MUST KNOW:

There are 300 million users a day on Instagram! Hence, if you do not know how to utilise Instagram to your benefit, you will be losing out on a lot of potential customers as well as revenue!

#1 Use hashtags (#)!

This is the no. 1 way to gain popularity on Instagram. Statistics have shown that posts which include at least 1 hashtag will have up to 12.6% of increased engagement!

So what are hashtags (#) if you’re not familiar with this internet lingo?

To put it simply, hashtags are a tag which helps to categorize photos on Instagram with the same theme or content.

So here are a few tips for you when using hashtags (#):

  • Keep them short, simple and relevant

Eg. When posting a photo of my new iPhone 7 Plus, I may use the hashtags #iPhone #rosegold #phone

  • Keep them short, sweet and descriptive
  • Connecting to your local ‘grammers’, hashtags with your location are a good idea
  • Like many other businesses, you can also create your own unique hashtag and ask your followers to follow

Eg. Coca-Cola encourages their fans to post Instagram Coke photos with the hashtag #ShareaCoke. This can be a great marketing tool, and help define your brand online.

  • Last but not least, do not over-hashtag, as this can make your posts look spammy, and will actually attract other spam accounts.

#2 Tag a brand

When you tag another Instagram account (for example for a brand) in your photos, your photo will show up in the  brand’s “photos of you” section of their profile. They will receive a notification, and with any luck, they may even start engaging with your post! They might even start re-gramming your post or start following your back!

Here are some tips on tagging a brand:

  • Make sure the photo actually features the brand, if not you might get flagged for spam

For example, make sure when you tag @MichaelKors, it is actually  photo of a Michael Kors product instead of a random apple

#3 Use visually appealing photos

You do not need to be an expert photographer with a DSLR camera to take amazing Instagram photos, it can be as simple as using your phone camera. However, there are a few points which you must be aware of:

  • Make sure the background is simple so that your product/theme stands out. A cluttered photo will confuse the viewers one what you are trying to promote. Sometimes, a crisp white background is the best option
  • Make full use of the Instagram filters and editing tools where you can make simple adjustments like brightening or removing shadows, rather than choosing a filter
  • Take a few photos and cherry pick the one which is the most visually appealing
  • Last but not least, practice makes perfect and do not give up!

By following these handy tips, you will have a stellar collection of Instagram photos in no time!

#4 Know your audience

Sun Tzu once said in his work Art of War: “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster”. Hence, it is very important to remember your audience and who you are targeting with your posts. Here are a few things to keep in mind before posting:

  1. What is the purpose of your Instagram page?
  2. Whether the purpose is to educate, promote or entertain followers, you should keep that in mind with each and every photo and caption.
  3. If your account is purely professional, keep it informative and concise.
  4. If you are marketing towards a younger audience and want to keep things fun and upbeat, ensure the dialog matches accordingly. Try using some emojis, be goofy and have fun!

No matter who your target audience is, remember to show people what you are passionate about, and just remember to target the people with your same interests!


#5 Ask for it

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. “-Matthew 7:7

Your Instagram account is not only a platform for you to show your brand, it is also a conversation point with your customers. Most followers scroll through their feed passively, and won’t take any action unless it’s asked of them. Hence, give them a call to action, and ask for it!”

Here are a few examples for you to create a call to action:

  • Double tap if you like coffee
  • Tag a friend who likes coffee
  • Share this photo if you love coffee
  • Click the link in our bio for free coffee
  • Can you tell what’s on my mind right now etc?

If your customers oblige, this will increase your page’s activity, likes, and followers.

So what are you waiting for?

We practice what we preach, so after you’re finished reading, make sure and give us a follow!


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Article Credit: Mariessa Lai!


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