Although Twitter has only 320 million users, compared to Facebook (1.59 billion) and Instagram (400 million), ignoring it would be a grave mistake. Being able to use Twitter effectively will not only act as a helpful tool to add value to you and your business, it will also help build your business and create unrivalled networking opportunities in the cyber sphere. Here are our top 5 tips for using Twitter:

#1 Create lists
This is the most undermined method which barely anyone uses it. Usually, when you log onto Twitter, you will see an overload of information in your feed. Hence, by creating lists on Twitter, it will act as mini feeds and categorize information for you. Thus, you can share and curate relevant and useful content with your network.
You can create lists based on these categories:
• Top media/publications in your industry
• Top influencers
• List of people whom you engage with most often

#2 The period (.)
Remember to NOT start your Tweet with the @ symbol.
When there is no period or text in front of the @symbol, it means that it’s a private conversation between you, the person you mention and your mutual followers can only see it.
If you put an @ symbol at the start of your Tweet, you will not be able to show your Tweet publicly. Instead, add a period(.) or text in front of the @ symbol when posting.
Moreover, when retweeting, replying or posting, do not just post, reply or retweet for the sake of doing it. Remember to add context to what you have posted or replied.

#3 Followers vs following
When someone follows you on Twitter, it’s like a friend saying “hello” to you when meeting you in person. As a social norm, you do not just ignore the person.
Hence, by following the person back, it is a polite thing to do.
Moreover, it also allows you to talk to your network and send direct messages to the person only if you followed them back.

#4 Branding
Use your bio and branding appropriately on Twitter!
Remember to always have a profile image!
The image is best to be a photo of yourself.
Moreover, your bio on Twitter must be well-written and persuade your audiences as to why they should follow you and what you can do to offer them.

#5 Tweet Away!
Due to the instantaneous nature of Twitter, the lifespan of a tweet is very short compared to other social media platforms?
Hence, if you have important content posted, remember to tweet is several times a day to reach everyone in your network, instead of sending 1 post.
Moreover, don’t forget to space it out when posting such as 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 at night, to avoid spamming and information overload.
Moreover, you can also repost it once or twice a week to hit a potential group of new audiences.
Last but not least, here are some Twitter shortcuts and also 3 great platforms recommended to manage your Twitter account:

Twitter shortcuts:
M = open direct messages
N =compose new tweet
Ctrl+Enter =send a tweet
U =mute user
/ =open search
L =close all open tweets
. =load your most recent tweets

3 helpful platforms to manage Twitter:
1. Hootsuite
2. Buffer
3. TweetDeck
These platforms allows you to manage and set specific key words, geo-target search streams, schedule tweets and re-tweets

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Article Credit: Mariessa Lai!


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