Facebook is unveiling a number of new tools that give marketers greater insights and take a deeper dive into campaign performances. This move aims at providing greater transparency about how ads are performing on the world’s most used social network.

Earlier today, Facebook announced a redesign of its Delivery Insights dashboard. The dashboard will come with more metrics about ad campaigns, impressions, amount spent and cost per result. The update would let advertisers know when certain audiences overlap in a way that affects performance. The smart features would also notify the advertiser when a specific audience is overexposed to their adverts.

The tools come at a time when several major advertisers started losing trust on Facebook after the 2016 mega revelation that exposed the social media giant of inflating video viewing numbers for as long as two years. This moves comes in to increase transparency and assure advertisers and agencies that their adverts are performing as exactly as their dashboard shows they are.

The updated features include something called ‘Estimated Daily Results’, which measure daily conversions and video views based on budget, past performances, bidding amounts and advert placements.

“This tool is eligible for all optimization goals except product catalog sales, brand awareness optimization, impressions and store visits,” Facebook wrote in this publicly viewed blog post.

The Estimated Daily Results tools will be available starting today. Additional prediction tools are set to roll out in the coming weeks.


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