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Do you often feel like your agency is walking slower than your aunt Janet who has a nagging back pain? Does it feel like you’re silly couch potato and your mate’s agency is killing it out there with 5K-10k worth of clients every weekend? How does he even do it?

He’s most probably not doing it. Well, not all by himself at least.

The most common key to the success of any great business has always been delegation, which is what agencies that use our web development, SEO, PPC, and lead generation services know. But what else could you be delegating that you’re not?

The Simple Stuff

Automation has transformed businesses. If you’re not taking advantage of automated tools in 2017, you’re probably going to miss out even more in 2018! Almost every major online tool today has the ability to one another.  You can effectively manage your precious time, create task-lists for yourself as well as your team, or even keep up on the latest tech news, to name a few. There are also tools to track SEO, AdWords, Keywords, and even those that help you get rid of spammy emails and comments.

Your Marketing

Digital Marketing Sydney

We get it, marketing is something close to you and you want to have 100% control over it. But the problem is, most marketing agencies leave their biggest marketing campaigns, ideas, and desires on the back burner for damn so long, the idea even grows a typical ’80s F*#k off Aussie stache and learns to drive your grandma’s car. You know you don’t want that happening. While we understand your desire to have your voice behind the marketing, outsourcing it to a digital agency to save you time and money (because what you’ll spend will come back in much higher returns!).

Here are a few basic things to look out for:

  • Website (when did you last check those links? Is your online SEO on game? Are you mobile responsive? Are you W3C compatible ?)
  • Social media (if you’re not going to post regularly, you might as well not bother at all)
  • Logo (and does it fit correctly on all of your social media profiles we mentioned?)
  • Blog (you need fresh content on your website – hire a writer to make your content generation easy)

An Editor

Digital Marketing Sydney

Typos can be painful, don’t let them eat you! A mistaken keystroke or improper language can ruin the tone in an email or marketing campaign. While the built in spell checker on your phone or computer may be able to catch the big errors, it’s the small one’s that make you look lazy and quite obnoxious. With apps like the Grammarly app, I get to stop paying for someone to proofread these blog posts all the time! Saves me time and $ !

  • Grammarly https://app.grammarly.com/
  • HemmingwayApp http://www.hemingwayapp.com/

Bling! All that money

Digital Marketing Sydney

Chasing down past due payments or updating the books can be a pain in the neck. Having someone do it makes life easier and saves you time, as well as all that grief. You’re most likely the person building relationships with your clients. You’re the good guy. Stay that way. Don’t get dirty with payment recoveries. Clearly outline processes and responsibilities with clients to set reasonable billing expectations. Hire someone else to handle the billing, while you handle the relationships, new sales prospects, etc. You could also automate all your billing.

Our favourite tool is Zoho www.zoho.com


digital agency

This one should defo be no brainer. Taxes take up tons of time and can get incredibly frustrating. Make sure you’re not spending too much of your time on this. Start by hiring a bookkeeper. You can support small local businesses or try a digital tool that’ll do the job for you. There are plenty of tools available for you.

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