Start-up journey’s are interesting. A single idea can grow into a multi-billion dollar industry, impacting lives around the world and adding value to lives. The end result of successful start ups are incredible, but with 9/10 start ups failing, it’s hard to imagine why one would go against the odds and start their own business instead of getting a safe and secure job and making an income that would guarantee stability.

To find out, we decided to throw a few quick questions towards Farhad Malegam, our company’s founder, and see what he had to say about this. Read on to know more.

What does Foxynet Solutions do and for whom? 

Foxynet Solutions transforms off-line & online businesses by providing innovative and effective IT and marketing consultancy services to those that truly want their business to grow.  

What problem is your company solving? 

We are providing online platforms to local Australian businesses at the most affordable rates one could get in the country. It makes the entire process of going from in-line sales to online sales and services so much easier and more efficient. With a combination of low rates and high quality service, local Australian businesses can finally go online without worrying about the “massive expense.” 

What motivated you to start Foxynet Solutions? 
Passion and situation. A year ago, with my mother in hospital, I had to keep traveling 
overseas from time to time, which made it incredibly difficult to hold a stable job. Seeing that holding a job wasn’t much of an option, coupled with the fact that I was always drawn towards running my own business, I decided to start my own company. Being a tech love and business sucker, it only made sense I combine the two.
What do you love about your team? 

The team I have right now is incredibly diverse and mixed. There’s a steadiness of experience and a wave of freshness from new grad students. There’s always new ideas flying around and it’s exciting to see the team grow and build wonderful things.  

If you were not building Foxynet Solutions, what would you be doing? 
I’d probably be making youtube videos and motivating people to start their own business, and live life to the fullest. I’d also be cooking and eating all the time.
What is your definition of success? 
Not having to worry about tomorrow. Success is a combination of financial & mental 
What is that one thing you would tell the 10 year old Farhad? 

Don’t listen to those cool kids. It’s ok to be different. It’s ok to mess up and not ‘fit in.’ Jeez, I tried so hard to fit in back then. If only I knew how awesome it is to stand out, I would never have wasted my time, parents money, and my mental peace trying to fit in and be like one of the cool kids.

What do you do when you are not working on Foxynet Solutions? 
Eating. It’s something I do all the time. I love eating new cuisines, and trying different 
foods at different restaurants. If I get time off from eating, you’ll find me at the airport 
boarding a flight to a new destination, ready to try new things and experience life.  
What is the one thing about you that we don’t know? 
While I was a teen, I had a massive, “cool kid” temporary Dragon tattoo that covered my right arm. As soon as it would fade, I would get it done again. Such a wanna be! 
Another thing that not too many people know is that I always wanted to be a politician. 
What are the biggest lessons that you have learnt in your journey till now? 
Be honest. Keep hustling, and never stop. Life will kick you in the face, you will want to 
quit, you will want to blame everyone around you, you will see life, you will see death, but in all of this, be honest & never stop. 
How do you deal with stress and challenges? 
I swing between meditating and eating like a hog. But most importantly, I just talk to 
myself. Nothing works better than locking myself up from others for a while and talking to myself about where I am, what can be done, and how to do it. 
What are your personal goals and what are your goals for Foxy? 
I personally want to be a billionaire, raise money for charity and build a world that’s free 
from suffering and pain.  Foxynet is special to me. I want to see it grow as the biggest IT and marketing service provider in the world. In the next 3 years, I want us to have a monopoly in NSW and soon, take over Australia and then expand further.

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