Are you on the constant look out to improve your digital marketing?

Do you want tools that will help you get the job done?

Here are 10 Chrome extensions that every smart digital marketer in 2017 should have.


1. Sidekick By HubSpot


Sidekick , a sales and lead generation Chrome extension by Hubspot, is an absolute necessity  for 2017 marketers.

It notifies marketers when their prospects open their mail, thus allowing them to follow-up promptly and initiate product orientation to the prospects.

Knowing which emails prospects are connecting with will allow marketers to design emails that would speed up the sales process.

It is essential to know when prospects are thinking about your product so that you can capture them while they have you in mind.

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2. Boomerang


Boomerang is an extension exclusively for Gmail. It allows marketers to schedule emails to be sent later, and also acts as a reminder for emails that are yet to be sent.

This extension will allow you to have more control over what you send, and when you send it. It’ll also make you look good when you send emails early in the morning, when in reality, you’re still in bed.

We all know the importance of sending emails in time, but with our busy schedules and long working hours, we seldom get an opportunity to get all our mails sent out just perfectly.

It’s of utmost importance that you emails aren’t trumped by others sending out mails before you, which is why you should be sending them first thing in the morning.


follow-up-cc-foxynet-solutions is yet another efficient extension for Gmail that is similar to Sidekick and Boomerang, yet more powerful.

The difference is that can do what both Sidekick as well as Boomerang can do.

Th extension will permit you to track when emails have been opened, schedule emails to be sent later, set reminders of when to send emails and quite a few more hidden features. Its ideal in closing more leads.

It is surprising that 79% of marketing leads get lost because of the lack of nurturing.

It is vital to follow-up with prospects and never leave them waiting so that they continue to stay in your sales funnel. will notify you of when to send out those all important emails so that you never forget again.

4. Yesware


What makes an advertiser a keen advertiser? Brilliant advertisers and marketers are information driven.

Yesware understand that keen marketers require information to make better informed decisions.

This extension not only provides data but it also offers the digital automation tools such as email automation and custom email templates for you to action on that data you receive.

Not all leads will be at a similar phase of the business pipe nor will they have a similar anxiety focuses, interests and objectives.

You will have the capacity to distinguish what distinctive messages are required for each phase of the sales funnel by utilizing this chrome extension.

5. Rapportive



Ever received an email from someone and wondered who it is? Or simply wanted to build your connections on LinkedIn?

The founders of Rapportive indeed have.

Rapportive is a chrome extension, when to Gmail, displays the LinkedIn profile of sender.

Everything that you need to know about a contact will be displayed in your Gmail.

It is important to establish rapport with leads to build trust and a relationship.

Rapportive will display any shared connections and interests that you and leads might have so that you can mention it in when making contact to build rapport.

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6. Pocket & Evernote



Pocket and Evernote are two different Chrome extensions that in an extremely similar manner.

These extensions assist you to discover interesting and unique content from several web-sources and but will also save that content for you.

When you stumble upon a strategy that you’d like to implement but cannot implement it at that moment, then these extensions will save that particular strategy for you so that you could implement it when you do have the time.

7. Mozbar

mozbar foxynet-solutions

SEO can be like walking blindfolded in a maze. Let’s accept it, it’s confusing. But it doesn’t always have to be this way.

The Mozbar has been created for Chrome browsers to quickly provide impromptu access to Moz products.

What makes it efficient is that fact that you don’t need to leave a website to find it’s important SEO metrics. This, many of Chrome Extensions, allows SEO professionals to undertake keyword research, analyses page elements, previewing authorship and previewing markup at ease.

8. Buffer


Buffer is a well-known online application to social media marketers, but not too many people know that buffer also has a unique chrome extension.

Social media marketers know the importance of sharing trending content as and when it happens.

The Buffer extension lets you share trending and interesting content that you discover while browsing the internet.

9. Instant Translate


There’s always been that occasion where we’ve wanted to read something but just couldn’t understand.

The Instant Translate Chrome extension by Google translates websites so that you don’t have to worry about language anymore.

While the Instant Translate extension isn’t as perfect as a local person speaking the language, it does make your life simpler when you land on a page or blog in a different language.

13. Check My Links


Broken links are a horrible thing- you know that! Now, as a marketer, you know how annoying and time-consuming it is to verify every links and make sure it isn’t broken.

Check My Links , one of the many unique Google Chrome Extensions, will crawl through the webpage you are on and notify you for any broken links there might be.

It is very handy to use before you start promoting your landing pages and blog posts.

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