Need for SEO

Need for SEO

Imagine the picture of a balloon. How do you think the Search Engines we use everyday describe this image? Do you think they can get as specific as humans? A red color balloon made of rubber, filled with air which is aiming towards the sky! All this information, one can only wonder how they get it? There’s a simple answer- Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO allow webmasters to provide clues which can be used by search engines to understand the content and give the most relevant results. It is a two-way process in which both the robot and the user can understand the page, thus making it search engine optimized. Here, we’ll explain to you the need for SEO. Read on…

Now that you know the power of SEO, here’s how it’s applied. The Search Engines rank pages depending on different factors. They do not have any formula to asses the contents quality. They simply rely on user actions- How easy it is to Discover the page, how many Reactions that page has managed, The activity on the page through Comments and further Links provided inside the page. Hence, the web pages defy the general principle of nature. In this digital world, you do not get what you deserve easily. Someone with the right content and an impeccable web-page might still find themselves wondering why their page hasn’t been ranked well by the search engines. Or why they aren’t generating enough traffic or gaining enough visibility to even sustain.

SEO yet again prove to be the game changer. It is extremely important to market the content in order to thrive in the ever rising competition. For example, search for anything on Google. There are 10 positions visible on the screen from millions of results. What is more baffling is the fact that most of the users are satisfied by the first three results. It’s simple math, higher the page ranking, higher the click through-rate. This not only provides financing incentives, but also increases the traffic and brand visibility manifold. Such websites naturally enjoy the lion’s share of attention.

But Foxy, we already have keywords, do we need anything else?

Contrary to popular belief, its not just keywords, but keywords and white hat back links that do the trick. We can work with it. We can play with it. Figure out what how the customers are searching. Are they looking for “white teeth” or “affordable toothpastes”. Once identified, implement the keywords trending on the website. Look into page optimization and build a clear hierarchy of webpages.

From manual submissions to media marketing, the world of SEO keeps evolving with refined algorithms. The tricks that worked wonders once can cause damage to your SEO today. Everyone wishes to remain competitive in businesses, and search marketing provides a viable and efficient way to do the same.

SEO on-page activities should be implemented on your site for the user, not a spider. It won’t guarantee #1 ranking, but it will definitely generate leads and sales for businesses which will be bound to boom.

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