Search Marketing – The Road to getting Traffic to your Website!

How to bring visitors to my site’s content? How to know my customers’ search intent? How to increase the visibility or ranking of my website? Unfortunately, these are the questions many online business owners generally stumble upon when they fail to generate return online. These questions can help shed some light on ways to maximise the effectiveness of your website. Because no matter how great your business idea may be but if you do not know where your potential customers are and their need then your online business will forever remain a secret on the web.

Search Marketing is the answer to these questions – Intent Based Marketing!

Google Search Results tailors to users’ search for solutions to their problems or queries. Firstly, understand the users’ psychology and know what your potential customers search so that you are visible to show up. Hence, in simple words Search Marketing is best described as the elevation of your website by increasing the visibility of your webpage in the search engine result pages.

You need a Search Marketing Plan

Let’s put it this way, if you need new visitors to find your online business just by doing a search query through a search engine then it is essential to get started with a Search Marketing plan that lets you get quality traffic to your website. Starting with the important strategies first:

1.Knowing your Audience’s Search Intent

Google’s Search Analytics determines what users are searching for on the web (where your website may appear as Google’s search result). This tool is available within your webpage’s Search Console, like Webmaster Tools. It is a useful tool to learn what phrases you are being linked with and how your website is being found in search results. By getting insights on individual search queries that are associated with clicks, impressions and click through rates, you can also know what your audience is searching for online that is bringing traffic to your webpage.

2.Setting your Targeted Keywords

As we all know that users enter keywords as part of their search queries into search engines to search what they are looking for, it should not come to our surprise that keywords form the basis of search marketing as an important strategy. Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool lets you identify keywords that are of relevance to your online business and that prospective users are likely to use when searching for your online service because Google algorithmically associates Search phrases you might not have considered as your keywords.

3.Precise Ad placements

Search Marketing also uses paid search ads to get increased traffic to your website through desktop or mobile searches. Google’s AdWords tool lets you use the placement targeting option to select the websites and sections to place your ads and pay at a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, which is a process in which you pay a publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked. Ad placement targeting has now turned into a bigger part of Google’s business.

4.Performing Direct Response Marketing

This strategy is designed to evoke an immediate response from the user and compel them to take specific actions, such as opting in to your business’s email list, calling for more enquiries, placing an order or being directed to a leading page.

Wrapping it up…

These are the four strategies that make up a successful search marketing plan where it will help you make your online presence better in search engines. For years, businesses did not have answers to these questions concerning increasing the effectiveness of their online presence strategies. This is no longer the case with the evolution of Search Marketing where now even if an online marketing campaign fails to generate sales, it still provides valuable resource by analysing the gathered information, which can again assist in making your next campaign a success. It is imperative that you make use of the available Search Marketing tools to continually shape these marketing strategies to successful ones.


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