Samsung Galaxy outdid all its competitors to become the most-watched ad on YouTube  last month with 23.9M views

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Samsung has shown it has indeed grown up with 23.9 million views on its “Growing Up” ad, which made it the #1 ad for November 2017.

The ad accounted for a whopping 82.4 million minutes of watch time on YouTube. Not only did Samsung make its ad go viral, it surpassed all other competition in a remarkale way. Samsung established an incredible lead over #2 ranked ad, by Audi, which received 7.3 million views.

Three brands — Apple, GEICO and Nintendo — had two ads each that ranked in the top 10.

Apple was left far behind with all its ads combined viewership of 10.4 million views.

Here are YouTube’s Top 10 ads of November 2017:

YouTube’s top ads in November

1. Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up (23.9M views)

2. Audi Holiday Campaign: Parking Lot (7.3M views)

3. Apple iPad Pro: What’s a Computer? (5.4M views)

4. Lowe’s Home Improvement: Escape Room | Can they build their way out? (5.3M views)

5. Apple: Holiday Sway (5M views)

6. GEICO: Randy Jackson’s Dawg Show (4.2M views)

7. GEICO: Game Night with a Sloth (4.1M views)

8. Macy’s 2017 Holiday Commercial: Lighthouse | The Perfect Gift Brings People Together (4M views)

9. Nintendo: Jump Up, Super Star! Super Mario Odyssey Musical (3.7M views)

10. Nintendo: Nintendo Switch | Get Together with Great Games. Anytime, Anywhere. (3.6M views)

In addition to being the most-watched brand on YouTube in November, Samsung India Service’s “We’ll take care of you wherever you are” was the top ad for all of 2017.


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