Christmas is in less than a month! Do you need a little boost for your sales? Check out our tips about how to boost your Christmas sales!

Boost your digital ads!

To increase your sales, increase your ads!

Digital ads are amazing if you are using Google ads or Facebook ads as they are enabling businesses to target a very specific market, by using demographic and consumer behavior data.

Facebook ads and Google ads are the best options as they have a strong return in investment! Most businesses have a 200% return on their Google ads investment.

Both Google and Facebook offer very detailed targeting options. However Google Adwords delivers more direct sales. Facebook is better for suggested content and could be use for “this is the perfect gift for…. ”.

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Offer added value

Offer added value such for a minimum purchased amount and free gesture such as free gift-wrapping makes customers feel like he has more for his money also makes them feel more considered!

Also, a Free delivery advertising often helps increase sales!

Create Christmas theme products or package

For most people Christmas shopping is always complicated and difficult. To please everyone, being able to follow a budget and save time, people go for Christmas editions or Christmas packages or specials. Christmas specials makes life of your clients easier. Also Christmas edition gift suggestions is a great idea to boost sales and is best used through Facebook ads!

Communicate about your specials on Social media and E-mail marketing

Our last tip is to communicate about your Christmas offers through Social Media, Email Marketing, your website!

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