Want Quick SEO Results? Here’s why you shouldn’t.

In our line of work, we hear one particular question quite often, “how soon can I expect results?” Most SEOs anticipate few months to many months to start seeing the results they want. However, whatever you see after 2-3 months pales in comparison to what you’ll see in 10-12 months if you are doing the right things.

Many clients struggle to understand the long term value of SEO. According to John Doherty, the reasons why SEO takes time are:

  1. “You need to allow time to do the audit
  2. You need to allow time to get the work implemented
  3. You need to allow time for Google to recrawl everything
  4. Building links takes a lot of time if you’re doing it scalably as you build the rest of your business”

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So the best things that you could do to increase your search rankings and have a good, solid SEO are:

  • Build back links and internal links via valuable content
  • Pushing out industry-leading content that customers want, like 10 Chrome Extensions That 2017 Marketers Need To Be Using Today
  • Remove duplicate content
  • Keep upgrading the quality of your content whenever possible or needed
  • Analyse competition and compete on the best keywords.

SEO is not an overnight miracle. Sometimes you might find low hanging  easy to pluck fruits that can show quick results, but it’s probably like some get-rich-quick scam. In Foxy’s opinion, these quick result “boosts” do more harm than good because you and your clients will think, “oh that’s how SEO works” and will loose out in the longrun.

So take it from us– SEO will take time and conscious consistency and you need to be doing all the right things– keyword research, content marketing, technical SEO.

So relax. Don’t worry. Don’t just give up. Don’t slam your IT team or SEO agency after just a few months simply because you’re not seeing your romanticized results. SEO is all about patience, grit, consistency and sticking to your strategy and giving it time to materialize.

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