Faster, objective, accurate, updated.

AI open new possibilities as it doesn’t think like a human. It thinks like a machine. AI is not limited by feelings, likes or dislikes, physical needs, time or a limited amount of information than the human brain can process.

The wonderful gift of Big Data

One of the game changers in the field of marketing is the Big data. This colossal amount of data is impossible to go through with the human brain. Thanks to new technologies that are going through it for us, we are able to use it to understand audiences, target people and build marketing strategies on. The outcome that results from merging Big Data and AI is at an impressive stage in the marketing field. A revolutionary tool is born: a self-thinking technology with endless access to Big Data who understand humans better than themselves. Some AI content marketing engines such as the Uberflip one, actually uses demographic, firmographic and intent datas to create a database of topics of interest for each unique Individual and offer matching content. l

The superhuman objectivity of Artificial Intelligence

Each person is limited by its own capacity and self-consciousness. Our human nature restrains us to be objective and understand others in a complete level. Artificial Intelligence isn’t limited by its own feelings, problems, culture or tiredness. Artificial Intelligence can understand and analyse a situation based on data only, which makes it superior to humans when it comes to analyse, forecast and even communicate; a chat bot will always be polite, because it has no feelings. This objectivity gives AI a strong advantage when it comes to create marketing strategies and CRM. The “Know your customer” need of marketing has never been more fulfilled than by AI. Computers are capable of analyzing a wild range of data and offer strategy adapted to its audience.

The constant update ability used in SEO

This past year AI SEO software scene had considerably developed. From automatic ad bidding, content optimisation, tracking traffic progress to Google analytics reports, the prediction is that marketers will not manage their SEO manually from the next few years. The advantage AI has is that it can constantly update and extensive amount of Data and analyser it 24/24h. This will provide an accuracy that no human can reach. The reality is, when it comes to SEO and Google bidding, AI is faster and more accurate than humans

The topic of computers being more efficient than humans as been discussed since the victory of Deep Blue on Kasparov in 1997. However, until now, it has been on mathematical or technical challenges. It seems like some AI software and algorithms are now better at understanding humans that we can ourselves.


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