Part II

Last week’s Foxy Insight’s article “The plumber’s “How to do your marketing” guide:  10 expert tips (Part I)” explained all the part of marketing to focus on. In this article, we established that as there were two distinct types of services and clientele, and therefore, your content should be different according to which service you are offering.

This week “The plumber’s “How to do your marketing” guide” will be about producing the right content, for the right audience. One of the content strategies will focus on emergency plumbing, the other on installation and renovation plumbing.

If you are targeting both audiences, you can create content for both but market it differently!

1.      Emergency plumbing

  • Google ads: people who are experiencing a plumbing emergency will be more likely to be in a rush and click on one of the first results coming up on Google. Google paid ads will list your business on the first page of results.
  • “How to” tutorials: Doing some “how to” or “what to do when” video tutorials non-only will show your expertise and create a relationship of trust with your audience but will also help you to improve your SEO.

2.      Plumber installations and maintenance

  • Portfolio: Creating and updating a portfolio on your website will show your professionalism and expertise, creating a relationship of trust with your audience.
  • Social medias:

Business-to-Business: If you want to work on Business to Business projects, developing your Network is key. LinkedIn is THE professional social media and will help you to get contact that might lead to contracts or partnership. Post articles about your industry, company updates, photos of your work.

Business-to-consumers: Facebook will be the best option to reach to your local community!

  • Email marketing: Can be used for both Business- to-Business and Business-to-Consumers clients, to stay top-of-mind. Send updates about your company, maintenance tips, new products updates, the last adding of your portfolio… Be creative!

Pro Tips: Align your content with all your channels: Post about your Video and articles on Social media and in your emails!

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