Are you a business owner? Follow the advice of our marketing experts to set up your digital marketing campaign step by step and attract more clients!

When setting up a business, marketing is often overlooked. Business owners tend to focus their efforts and resources on accounting and production. What they forget is that marketing is the face of a brand, Marketing is how you attract clients and increase your sales!

Step 1: First thing first, you need a Marketing strategy!

When you are starting a new business, you start by writing a business plan. A marketing strategy has a similar principle, it’s a plan of action focusI NG on marketing and digital presence. To start with, define your goals and the frame of time you would like to achieve them in. Then, answer the following questions: What defines your brand? What is your vision? What makes you different? Who do you want to sell to? Which sales and marketing channels do you want to use? What is your budget? Answering those questions will help you to build a solid digital marketing strategy

Step 2: The first point of contact with your clientele is your website

According to Christopher Travis LaValley, University of North Florida, “Trustworthiness of a website relies foremost on a good first impression which includes the visitor’s perception of the user interface.”

Think about your own reaction about a website when looking up a brand or company online? Aren’t you more attracted to a brand with a well design website? You can try to create it yourself, however it’s difficult to achieve and takes time, if you are not a tech savvy person, we strongly recommend to invest in web development services, or engage the services of a digital marketing agency.

Check our “How to create a high quality website” article for more tips!

We do offer “start your own business” Foxynet Solutions package including webdesign – SEO services – Google and/or Facebook advertisements.

Step 3: SEO

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the optimisation of a website to boost its ranking in the search results of search engines (often Google). SEO focuses only on organic ranking, meaning it doesn’t include paid ads. It’s a very technical aspect of marketing. The best option for this again is to hire the services of a SEO agency or digital marketing agency.

Step 4: Social media Marketing

Choose to use one or more social media platforms depending on the products and services you are offering. LinkedIn is more adapted for the B2B market. Instagram is great for any service or product that has strong visual components, often better suited more for B2C (fashion, food and beverage industry, beauty services, sports). Facebook is a good alternative for both B2B and B2C as it has 11.03 millions monthly active users in Australia, in 2019, providing a while range of potential clients.

Here are some Social Media statistics that will gives you more insights: 9 powerful statistics about Social media that will help you boost your marketing .

Step 5: (optional) Email marketing.

You must receive Newsletters. Create an email list, write emails and send it! It’s easy. The choice of topic is wide. You can wrote about about new products or the company, advice, promotions, blog articles you want to promote, this part is quite fun as you get to be creative!

Step 6: (optional) Google and Facebook ads.

The advantage of Google and Facebook paid ads is that you can directly target clients using demographic and interest metrics (age, gender, location, interests, industry…). You can learn how to create and manage yourself if you have the time or outsource it to an agency.

Step 7: Update and consistency are key!

Once you have completed all the steps, you need to keep engaging with existing and potential client to increase traffic to your website and raise your brand awareness.


In conclusion, we recommend you to focus on first on the 4 first step, they are compulsory.  The best option is to do is to find the Best digital marketing company for your business, an agency who takes the time to understand your brand and goals.

If you are interested in developing your digital presence, contact our Sydney Digital Marketing Agency


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