Google has developed an algorithm that enable phone to understand sign language. The firm hasn’t applied it to create a product yet, but it is an important step toward new forms of digital communication.

How does it work?

The new project comes from Google’s AI labs, using machine learning to ‘infer’ 21 points on a subject’s hands based on the position of the palm.

Google researchers Valentin Bazarevsky and Fan Zhang explain that this project was challenging, as “Robust real-time hand perception is a decidedly challenging computer vision task, as hands often occlude themselves or each other (e.g. finger/palm occlusions and hand shakes) and lack high contrast patterns.”

Softwares enabling to translate hand signing already have been developed for desktops and used as an educational tool for students suffering from hearing loss by few other tech firms, notably by IBM. However, this new algorithm can be used on a smartphone, meaning that even it isn’t available on an app for the public yet, it is an important step toward the development of gesture and facial recognition software.

What does it mean for the field of Digital Marketing?

As explained previously, this is a step toward body language and facial recognition technologies.

It’s likely that facial recognition and non-verbal communication studies will be used to develop marketing tool to understand better consumer psychology.

Indeed, the studies of Dr Paul Ekman about decoding facial expressions and other unconscious non-verbal form of communication have been developed by governments and academic researchers for a long time. Marketers are also now using it for market research, and in all probability, new technologies will be developed to understand better consumer behavior and will be exploited for the application of Neuromarketing.

It’s logical to think that new technologies that will be able to understand and collect data about how consumers react to advertising and other medias will change completely the field of digital marketing.

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