Your marketing strategy is the link that enable you to communicate to existing and potential clients. If you have a limited budget but are willing to spend time on it on a regular basis, you can still generate profitable results.

In this article we walk you through the best practices in marketing on a budget.

1.      Consistency is key

Consistency will help you to build leads. Consistent content will help you to capture the attention of your audience, improve your SEO ranking and keep your clients engaged.

2.      Leverage communities and existing traffic

Before spending money on a marketing campaign, simply place yourself within a community who potentially need your services. There might be an audience ready for you. Facebook groups and pages, websites and forums offer existing communities you can offer your products or services to.

3.    Word to mouth is the best form of marketing

Listening to your client’s feedback will improve customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that most people read and leave online reviews. A good online rating is attractive to new clients, as it shows credibility, but a bad review can do substantial damages to a brand.

Encourage your existing clients to share information about your products and services; after all, people buy from people they trust.

4.      Target your audience.

Target an audience that will be interested in your product or service.  This way, your message will be adapted to it and will have a stronger impact. Sending a generic message to a broad market will be a waste of resources. A good way to target your audience is to create a buyer persona and develop a market map. 

5.      Recycle your content

Creating new content for each channel is very time consuming and can end up being poor in creativity. Don’t hesitate to reuse some past content through different channels, even if it requires some changes to adapt it to each media. Also, it will create consistency within your brand.

6.    Use complimentary marketing strategies

Don’t limit yourself to one channel. Mix blogging, social media, SEO and link them with each other to expand your audience reach and increase web traffic.

7.      Measure your ROI

Your marketing strategies should always be aligned with your end goal. What is the return on investment that the business expects from a particular activity? Your ROI could be revenue and net profits, audience reach or brand awareness; but if your activities are not delivering the expected results, you could change the strategy and execution of that activity; or you might want to consider making it redundant and starting over with a new one.

8.      Partnership

Find organizations that offer complementary products or services and promote each other. It can be a great way to access another company existing customer database and engage in strategic partnerships.

9.      Don’t forget about SEO

SEO can seem scary and complicated. But, associated with interesting content, it can be extremely rewarding in the long term. The best solution for SEO is to outsource it, but if your budget is too low but you are time rich, it’s worth spending time to learn about it.These are 9 ways that you can engage in marketing on a budget. Below is an infographic that you could download and use for future reference.

These are 9 ways that you can engage in marketing on a budget. Below is an infographic that you could download and use for future reference.

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