Are you harnessing the power of 18.6 billion active Facebook users every month? Underestimating the power of such a massive audience is a silly, yet, a highly relatable mistake that most companies make.

We understand that Facebook can be complex and so we’ve have put together 5 Foxy clever strategies that you can implement on your Facebook Page immediately and start seeing the results (HOW AWESOME IS THAT!).

1. Speak to people in a manner they understand! 

A fundamental principle in any business is to speak with people in a language/manner they understand.

Before you start publishing on Facebook, it is very important to know who your audience is. This would make it much easier for you to share great content, engage with your audience and give them the value that they want. It is possible to target your audience according to their language, locations and interest at absolutely no cost.

This is How we do it (Sing along!)

  • Go to your Facebook Page Settings
  • Under General, enable Targeting and Privacy for Posts/ Preferred Page Audience

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  • Input the demographics of your target audience.

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  • After you target your page audience, target your post audience.

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  • You can segregate your audience by: Age, Gender, Location, Languages and Interest.

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2. Quality of the Image

Using good quality images is one of the most successful ways of increasing engagement with your audience. You can start off with doing research on the most popular web fonts use over your text.  Make sure that your images are clean and not cluttered with too many designs. Using contrasting, bright or bold colours can make your images look visually appealing.

You should select images with a high degree of flexibility and layout due to the different platforms utilized by the audience. Keep the focus on the center of the image to avoid the risk of it being cropped due to different displays.

Keep refreshing the designs of your images to stand out from the crowd. This will make sure that your audience does not get bored of looking at the same designs. However, do not forget to keep it consistent according to your brand personality.

3. Engage with your fans

Engagement is the key on all social networks. It is of utmost importance that you keep your audience engaged with the content you are sharing. Try posting recurrent posts, it will give people a chance to look forward to your page weekly or bi-weekly. It will definitely increase your brand awareness by creating a momentum around these posts. Ask for questions, views or feedbacks from your audience in your posts. If they like your content, they will not only engage with you but also promote your business through their own personal facebook page. As a golden rule, do not ever forget to respond to your audience. You do not want to be one of those businesses who leave five out of six messages unanswered and never receive the support that they expect from their audience. Make this your competitive advantage.

Engaging with your colleagues is also a great way to build awareness around your business. Encourage your employees to share the latest development in your industries on the Facebook page.

4. Share great content

We can not emphasise enough on how important it is to create relevant content for your audience. There are plenty of ways to create great content but it all depends on what your audience likes to see and when they enjoy seeing it.  Try posting a question according to the interests your target audience. Ask them to make a choice or ask them for their views on the latest development in your industry. Engage with other brands with whom you have shared audience. Make them laugh and add a refreshing personality touch to your brand.

Try posting a question according to the interests of your target audience. Ask them to make a choice or ask them for their views on the latest development in your target market. Engage with other brands with whom you have a shared audience. Make them laugh and add a refreshing personality touch to your brand. Tap into trending topics and Celebrate Holidays.

Most importantly, provide value and be relevant. Do not post random unrelated content to your business.

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5. About Us 

Aren’t we all guilty of not completing the “About Us” section on our Facebook page?! It is one of the first places that your audience looks at when they land on your page. So, let’s rectify that mistake.

Let your audience know who you are and what value you will provide them in the most influential way. Fill the about section with basic company information and the milestones that you have achieved, for example, the day or the year that your company was established or when you launched a popular product. You can even put up a link to your most engaging blog post.

For creating the milestones, you can go to the three dots next to the share button on your page. From the

  • Go to the three dots next to the share button on your page.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Create Milestones” and you are all set to grow your business in the right direction.

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Using the right strategies and the right tools will definitely help you understand Facebook management much better. Foxynet Solutions helps you to create an actionable social media strategy to grow your revenues northwards. We use SEO, social media management tools and analytics to get the most of this dynamic opportunity.

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